5 Interior Design Tips for Your Luxury Snell Isle Home

5 Interior Design Tips for Your Luxury Snell Isle Home

  • Peter Arner
  • 09/6/22

If you are fortunate enough to own luxury Snell Isle real estate, it’s a good idea to periodically take a look around and come up with some great design ideas to keep things looking fresh and stylish in your home, which in turn will help you enjoy the wonderful lifestyle of this upscale community.

Snell Isle is one of St. Petersburg’s most affluent neighborhoods, made up almost exclusively of homes along golf courses and the waterfront. There’s a special vibe here, which is reflected in the style and value of homes. Your home is going to continue to appreciate, especially if you keep up with the times with some updated design elements.

There’s never a bad time to update your Snell Isle real estate with luxury design elements that will not only enhance your enjoyment but will add to the resale value. Figure out what will work best for your home now, set a budget, and then consider these design tips for your luxury Snell Isle home.

Personalize your space

One of the fun things about considering luxury design updates is that you will be able to add personal touches to your home that reflect your tastes and lifestyle preferences. You can personalize your choice of wall colors, art, furniture, window treatments, light fixtures, and pretty much everything else that goes into decorating your home. You can even pick a theme, such as nautical touches if you live on the water and enjoy boating. There are many other touches you can bring into your home that are emblematic of living the carefree lifestyle in the Sunshine State.

If you do pick a theme after purchasing Snell Isle homes for sale, you can carry it over from room to room. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, either. You can pick one accent piece per room. For instance, you can pick an interesting painting, sculpture, or other art for each major room that helps carry a theme. Not only will you enjoy looking at these works every day, but they will become conversation-starters when you have family and friends over for dinners and parties.


Nothing says luxury and style more than a minimalist design, which is when you use as few pieces as possible to attain the desired effect. For instance, you can start with having fewer pieces of furniture in your living room while going with a few fashionable pieces that not only stand out but are highly functional. You can carry that over to lighting, wall hangings, and even area rugs. Working with a minimalist design concept will open up the floor plan of your home and make it easier to get around while reducing clutter and distractions.

Colors and texture

The rule about painting your interior a neutral color applies only when listing Snell Isle homes for sale. Once you’ve moved in or are looking for a design update, consider adding color to your main rooms. While there are many suggestions and guides out there for how to paint your interior, this is totally a personal preference. While you shouldn’t get too garish, this is the perfect time to let your personality show with colors that bring your home to life and make it your happy place. Popular shades for 2022 include earth tones, gray-green, and citron.

To give off the true vibe of Snell Isle and the Sunshine State, you might consider something that brings a bright, airy look to your home. Again, consider the connection to the wonderful outdoor lifestyle here, whether it’s on the water or the verdant fairways of a golf course when adding color to your luxury home.

Adding texture is another luxury design element that will improve the look of Snell Isle real estate and make you feel comfortable living there. The concept of texture is wide-ranging and can apply to the materials your furniture is made of, including chairs, couches, tables, and consoles. Textured materials can feature leather, wood, metal, and various fabrics. It can also include wallpaper, curtains and drapes, wall hangings, and area rugs. Whatever your preference, try to tie it all together in the main theme that you can carry throughout the home.

Lighten up

Snell Isle is a bright, sunny place, and your luxury Snell Isle real estate should be, too. Lighten up gloomy spaces and improve both the look of your wonderful home and your daily mood. Plus, adding light will instantly make your rooms look larger than they are.

Update your old, stodgy-looking lighting fixtures with new, stylish fixtures. There are many modern fixtures available, whether they’re chandeliers, table lamps, or floor lamps. Start with one signature piece, perhaps in the living room, and carry the theme throughout the house. Don’t forget the kitchen, where there are many lighting options available to brighten the room where you spend so much time.

You can also accentuate the look of your home with mood lighting such as recessed lighting or track lighting. Some nice luxury touches are adding lights in bookcases and kitchen cabinets.

New windows

One design concept that will update the look of your home and make it more functional is to replace dated windows with beautiful new windows throughout the house. Go for designs that let in the most light to make your Snell Isle real estate feel bright and open. Floor-to-ceiling windows in rooms with water views, such as the living room, can be breathtaking. You can go with modern vinyl windows or wood frame windows for a classic look. Regardless of your choice of frames, go with double-pane or thermal pane windows that are energy efficient and will help keep your home stay cool and save on your energy bill.

Partner with a great agent

These are just a few of the great design tips you can try in a luxury Snell Isle home. If you plan to buy or sell Snell Isle real estate soon, work with one of the talented agents with the Arner Group for more great ideas and the best client services in the market.

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